Monday, 19 December 2011

Bye Bye Seoul, Hello Beijing!

After 3 wonderfuly (and oft frustrating) years, I have left Seoul and made another journey to China to start my new home in Beijing.  First off, I was sad to leave as I had made a good circle of friends, had my favourite haunts and found a fabulous hairstylist (yes, these things are important!).  I had a nice nice little group of people who would occassionally order cupcakes from me and had good supply of baking products from Bangsan Market.

Now I am starting fresh in Beijing and I must say, so far it is a far easier place to live as compared to Seoul from a foreigner's perspective.  They have so many 'foreign' supermarkets with excellent stock of imported goods like Jenny Lou's, April Gourmet, BHG Marketplace and Ole to name a few.  Of course you have to pay a premium for the items but so did I in Korea.

Weather is cold though... really cold.  I only remember it being that cold in Korea around January but by November the low temperatures are hitting -8C.  Of course it helps that I speak some Chinese and I hope this will make it easier for me to find the best markets to go to and if I am lucky, I will find a little nook or street somewhere that sells baking and packaging stuff.

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